Dr. Sarah Noseworthy is an Oregon licensed Naturopathic physician and acupuncturist. She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and high honors in the Masters of Acupuncture.

For Dr. Sarah, her personal experience with chronic pain and illness from stress drove her to investigate alternative treatments.

“I used to suffer from terrible menstrual cramps. I hated the idea of taking painkillers to mask the symptoms. Then, I discovered Naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. Combined, this medicine changed my life.

I was so excited to feel more energy, clarity and have less pain that I made a common mistake. I took a break from my treatments and self-care. As my stress increased and my proactive health care decreased, my symptoms started to return. Headaches, Migraines, Cramps. I ignored these symptoms until it was too late. I was terrified when I got meningitis. I immediately assembled a team of health practitioners to help me recover fully and quickly. After that event, I realized the importance of not waiting to take care of my health.

I am passionate about helping patients take care of their health. I work with patients by helping with the reversal of chronic conditions, providing a reduction in stress and pain, or increasing energy and happiness. Each patient is an individual seeking relief from their symptoms and frustrations. I want to work with them to tailor a set of solutions to give them back their lives.”

Dr. Sarah is a family practice physician specializing in stress and pain management, women’s health and gastrointestinal health.

My Philosophy of Health:

I believe that people have a desire to feel better, but frequently stress or pain gets in the way of that. Stress comes from multiple sources: work, injuries that haven’t healed appropriately, emotional overwhelm, illness, pain, poor dietary or lifestyle choices, etc. We all experience stress and get frustrated with the symptoms that stress and pain cause. These are barriers to healing. A program to restore your health begins with an investigation of what is happening in your unique case and what barriers to healing are standing in the way of restoring you to a healthy balanced life. From there, we create solutions to your symptoms and find the best way to help you feel better as fast as possible. This helps you get your life back. After we get your symptoms under control; then, I shift you into a strengthening health program so that your symptoms stay away. As you feel stronger and more empowered, I’ll be excited to graduate you into our healthy living program to help you live a more enjoyable life. The best path for you begins with this investigation and allows for the fastest recovery and a better life. Are you ready?